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york-ontarioOne of the larger municipalities of Toronto, York is home to over 133,000 Ontarians. Located to the northwest of Toronto, York was its own city until 1998, when it was incorporated to become a part of the city. The York region can be further subdivided into several neighborhoods, including: Baby Point, Caledonia, Lambton, Old Mill, Silverthorn, Tichester and Weston. The GO Transit train divides York’s Eastern and Western regions.

Overall, York is a very diverse, cultured and environmentally-friendly, as is the case with many neighboring Toronto municipalities. York is home to the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario.

How Lorisa Stein is Different from Other Family Law Lawyers:

Lorisa Stein believes that the wellness of the family after separation includes maintaining, and in some cases, strengthening important relationships between children, their parents, siblings and extended family members. Lorisa’s clients deserve the utmost care and the best family law practices from the time they meet her to beyond the resolution of the legal matters. She listens as her clients tell their story, discusses with them what matters most, and appreciates what they wish for the future. The best durable solutions help clients transform from difficult painful experiences to developing new communication skills and finding strength in pursuing dreams.
Lorisa tackles the tough problems head on. Her clients can depend upon her and they trust her experience and strategic guidance.

Lorisa offers her clients her experience in Collaborative Practice, Traditional Negotiation and Mediation.

Areas of Practice:


Separation Agreements

Children’s Parenting Plans, Custody & Access

Child Support & Sharing of Expenses

Spousal Support

Property Division & Equalization for Married Couples

Cohabitation Agreements

Property Sharing for Partners

“Prenup” Agreements & Marriage Contracts

Independent Legal Advice

Directions to Lorisa’s Office from York:

For more information, or to book an appointment with Lorisa Stein (confidentially), please call 416-596-8081 or e-mail