Runnymede, Toronto, Ontario

Runnymede is a mid-sized Toronto neighborhood located in the western portion of the city. Surrounding areas include Baby Point, High Park North, The Junction, Swansea and Old Mill. Along the south side of Runnymede is Bloor Street, home to Bloor West Village, a popular shopping district for residents and visitors to the area. Bloor West Village is also home to several popular restaurants and cafes. Like many of the other neighbourhoods in Greater Toronto, Runnymede is a desirable place to live for working professionals, business owners,  and families alike.

Overall, Runnymede is one of the quieter and safer neighbourhoods in Toronto and is home to a strong school system. Runnymede is also well-served by Toronto’s public transportation system and is easily accessible from other areas of Toronto.

Lorisa welcomes professionals and family business owners from Runnymede to effectively and efficiently in a collaborative nonjudgmental setting to negotiate unique resolutions relating to:

While Lorisa’s office is located in Downtown Toronto, she encourages her clients to schedule negotiations in private locations convenient to them.

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