Family Law Practice Philosophy

As a skilled communicator and a strong advocate for the rights of my clients, I am committed to helping them achieve the best possible results in their personal circumstances.

I am encouraged by my clients’ strength and versatility, and by their consistent belief that there is a way to resolve family disputes that is effective, innovative, and leads to a practical and realistic settlement for all involved.

My clients appreciate being fully informed at each step of the way so they understand what’s next. They prefer the collaborative approach because they’re active participants in crafting a settlement to reflect their goals and what they want for their future. They want to stay out of court, and they find that the better path is a private approach.

Finding shared understandings and common interests often moves the dialogue between spouses from a place of uncertainty to productive discussion. Applying decades of experience, supported by ongoing education, I see a consistent truth: a less painful settlement process truly helps clients move forward to where they want to be – not to an arrangement imposed upon them by an impartial judge.

I put my clients at ease by being accessible and attentive to their unique needs, by demystifying legal concepts upfront with plain language, and by providing reasonable legal fees. When entering into a new relationship or leaving a marriage of any duration, people face tough challenges and sudden changes. My clients describe to me their worries and financial concerns, and I encourage them to imagine where they wish to be in the future.

Explaining the critical need for the exchange of full financial disclosure to all aspects of family law today, I help clients understand how the current circumstances may affect future decisions in areas such as paying the children’s expenses, living arrangements, the parents’ cash flow and dividing the family’s assets.

Different approaches are available to meet the unique needs of different families. I assist my clients in understanding the benefits, risks, and costs of different approaches to how their family challenges may be resolved and what each path may look like for them. Some, for instance, may benefit from a creative, hands-on approach and regularly scheduled meetings. Others may want to remain behind the scenes while I communicate on their behalf.