Family Law Testimonials

“You’re a strong advocate. You listened to what I and my children needed. You achieved it for us in an efficient and cost effective manner.”

“The collaborative process kept us honest with each other. Our child arrangement was designed for us and works for our family. The kids are safe and the smiles are back on their faces. Thank you Lorisa.”

“My business continues to thrive through our separation. Keeping the business thriving and my family properly supported after separation was brilliant!”

“Your legal advice and steady hand were invaluable to me. I felt safe in this divorce minefield with you. Your strategic guidance, quick response time, and reasonable cost was the recipe for my success.”

“In our confidential sessions, you helped me gain the perspective for where I have been and opened my eyes to possibilities which may lie ahead. Thank you.”

“Your careful explanations of the law gave me strength. I understand my legal rights and obligations to my family. I am thankful that I turned to you for help.”

“You more than met my expectations resolving all matters collaboratively. You spoke to me with respect and without judgment. Most importantly, you believed in me.”

“You provided an excellent and accurate digest of how we could collaborate to develop a custom family contract. The experience was tough at times and the result was worth it.”

“Not going in with guns blazing makes good financial sense. We could focus on the sustainability of our family’s future relationships for our children’s benefit.”

“You clearly considered my unique needs and provided excellent legal advice. I applaud the strong sense of duty and respect you have for my welfare.”

“You not only understand the pressures I face, you were able to beautifully simplify my needs once we separate.”

“You asked me excellent questions to help me think about my own future needs.”

‘Thank you for your incredible wisdom. It’s like you understand my world and the advice I need to not only survive, but also thrive.” 

“Your kindness conveying a tough but necessary message was much appreciated. I will keep in touch as situations arise for which I need your expertise.”

“I now understand the value of having a family law lawyer develop the separation agreement. It is comprehensive, practical, and tailored to my family and our business. We can continue to work together while our personal lives remain private.”

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