Just as ensuring that you meet the local residence and age requirements, complete the proper application forms and satisfy the licensing timelines to marry in your jurisdiction, so too is it important to plan for divorce when you and your spouse conduct business and reside in different countries.  Proactive and strategic preparation with critical analysis of how different jurisdictions affect family law matters will allow for a smoother transition should a breakdown of the relationship occur.

Looking through the process lens of the private Collaborative Family Law Approach, working towards the most preferable result for both spouses is the underlying philosophy. It’s not a process for everyone. How different and oftimes competing legal rights provided in each country will meet the future needs and desires of each family member is not a simple exercise. Satisfying the best interests of the children while managing the incredible scope of international business and the diverse marital residences, utilizing optimal land ownership and division of assets legislation, considering the voluntary to obligatory range of financial disclosure, and the entitlement and enforceability of spousal support requires due diligence and local knowledgeable resources.

All around the world, individuals are in need of sound legal advice, proper planning, best practices, and reliable information to develop realistic and durable resolutions to their family law issues. The nuances of language, the influence of religious and cultural expectations may also be important elements the spouses want to discuss as they shape their futures.  Although the language spoken in each household may be different, each family’s desired outcome is unique to them.

Consideration of a prenuptial, antenuptial or marriage agreement for couples who have international lifestyles and business affairs directs them to plan ahead of marriage.  The contracts become a realistic blueprint for a structured separation process.  Keeping the agreement current to newly acquired property and with the family’s broadening interests ensures that its application remains relevant and appropriate.  Modern technology has alleviated some of the past roadblocks with regards to communication and to the timely delivery and sharing of important documents.

Lorisa Stein proudly works with her client locally working with national and international family law professionals to collaboratively develop sensible and dignified resolutions to the family law issues at hand.  A senior family law lawyer, Lorisa has years of experience when it comes to international family law cases.

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