Unique Family Law Challenges

Family Business

The family whose economic stability is tied to the family business can face unique challenges when separation happens in the relationship or marriage. A family business may be passed down from generation to generation, and a number of those generations may be involved in the ownership, management, or operation of the business.

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Silver Separation – Grey Divorce

“Silver separation” and “grey divorce” are colloquial expressions for when Baby Boomers, born in the late 1940s to mid-1960s, decide to separate after many decades of marriage. The Gen-Xers and Millennials may see the end of their parents’ marriage or that of older members of their community as a drastic remedy.

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Trial Separation to Try Reconciliation?

The client finding him- or herself suddenly on an unexpected journey when the other spouse decides the marriage is over may not welcome this turn of events. Is there a possibility of reconciliation? Could marriage counselling be of value? Is a trial separation worth exploring? The loss of companionship and identity are important issues. An experienced counsellor will be able to offer comfort and healing strategies. It is critical not to jump feet first before understanding what’s happening.

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